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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Many home school students face biases and judgment from others who don’t understand the thought and care that goes into their education.

In my experience, parents who choose to home school do so with much planning. They worry not only about exposing their children to appropriate and challenging academic materials, but also worry about engaging their children with their peers in positive ways.

I recently came across a wonderful reading and writing opportunity for home school students, a new series which publishes the perspectives of home school students.¬†Caffeinated Thoughts¬†has a new article, “I’m Glad I was Homeschooled” by Kelsey Lamb:¬†http://caffeinatedthoughts.com/2013/06/im-glad-i-was-homeschooled-do-you-have-friends/.

It provides an interesting perspective and challenges one of the many assumptions others make about children who are home schooled.

If you or your child is interested in submitting an essay about your experience, go here.


Happy reading and writing!